How Your Employees Can Use Social Media to Benefit the Company

Social media is a constant presence in today’s world. A report titled “The Next Web” compiled by  Hootsuite and We Are Social found that 3.028 billion people are active social media users. Considering current population numbers, that means that 40% of the world’s population uses social media. Consequently, utilizing employees to create a “social media army” can be a smart part of a marketing strategy.

The Positives of A Social Media Presence Driven by Employees

Branding and Messaging

Having employees add organizational content to social media can be a great way to increase brand recognition. For example, if employees post photos from a recent company volunteer project, the world can now see the importance that the company puts on giving back. It also allows for the public to see what charities and projects a firm promotes which can provide a window into a company’s values.

Advertising Employee Perks and Work Environment

If employees talk about their great work environment and corporate perks, this can enable recruiting. Most social media users are friends with people of similar backgrounds. These social media connections allow companies to tap into a significant group of potential candidates when trying to fill new roles. Allowing employees to discuss things like parental leave, vacation policies, and work from home protocols can make a business very enticing to prospective employees. As a result, this “subliminal” advertising technique can become a powerful tool for recruiters and HR teams.

Driving Sales

Employees posting corporate news items on social media can often drive unexpected sales. Allowing employees to post about new platforms, products, or service offerings can influence and broaden corporate reach and drive interest. For example, if an employee posts about a new service offering, it organically increases the visibility of the offering to a wider range of eyes. This increased profile can make a significant impact on sales numbers.

Considerations Before Recruiting your “Social Media Army”

Clear Guidelines on What Material is Acceptable

While social media can be a great tool, it can also be a headache if not properly managed. Making sure that employees know the rules and regulations regarding corporate social media policy are critical. Having clear and specific procedures are necessary for a positive experience for both the employee and company. Ensure that employees don’t post polarizing or offensive material to maintain a healthy social media program.

Establishing a Social Media Program & Training

Companies like Starbucks, Zappos, and Twitter have active social media programs in place. For example, Zappos has a specific training program just for Twitter. When employees are appropriately trained on the use of social media the company can ensure proper use of this vital marketing asset.

Moving Forward

When looking to embrace a corporate social media strategy its best to recruit the right social media army and that starts with a professional recruiter. Using a professional recruiter ensures an excellent foundation for a successful social media program.



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