The Top 5 Hardest-to-Fill IT Jobs

Technology is one of the hardest industries to find experienced talent. With the rapidly advancing technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and cloud, there are more jobs than qualified candidates. Here are the five hardest to fill jobs and tips how experienced IT recruiting firms can find the talent your firm needs.

Data Scientist

Data scientists have gone “from being a highly specialized tech role a few years ago to a very common job title,” said Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor. “Data scientists are in demand in health care, government, finance and even among large retailers today.”

Data scientist was named by Glassdoor as the “Best Job in America” for 2017, based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating on the site and number of job openings.

Data Scientist Recruiting Tip! Because this is a relatively new career, working with a technical recruiter that specializes in analytics and statistics will help identify candidates that meet the criteria.

Information Security Analyst

Information security jobs, such as information security analyst, are becoming common in companies in all industries. This is because companies are more aware of the need to protect their data and IT systems from attempted phishing attacks and security breaches.

Information Security Analyst Recruiting Tip! This role is for a seasoned IT professional who has a variety of experiences on multiple security platforms. IT recruiting firms can quickly identify and vet candidates with the experience required.

Software Architect

Software architects are the diamond in the tech job market. These rare gems have a combination of qualities: advanced technical skills and a high level of foresight and vision.

Software Architect Recruiting Tip! Finding talent this rare requires continual networking in the information technology industry on both local and national levels. Often, this time-consuming work is better suited to IT recruiters with an established network.

DevOps (Development and Operations)

DevOps teams and engineers are common in enterprise environments. What we expect to see in the next few years is an increase in demand for the adoption of DevOps in regulated industries, like finance and healthcare.

DevOps Recruiting Tip! Identifying DevOps engineers for regulated industries has the two-fold challenge of validating the candidate has the technical experience, along with the industry and business acumen that will ensure the business objectives are met.

Need Help With a Hard-to-Find IT Role?

Top tech candidates in the jobs above know their value. By working with the experienced IT recruiters at OSI, we can do the hard work of identifying and validating your tech candidates. Contact the IT recruiters at OSI today!



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