5 Hard-to-Spot IT Project Killers

Ideally, we want perfect harmony in our project team members. Just like a well-trained sports team, each member should know their role and work towards one common goal. As a project manager, you need to be able to quickly realize when your team is not in harmony. Here are five hard-to-spot IT project killers.

Bad behavior is always at the top of the list of killer project behaviors. It could be poor communication, passive-aggressive behavior or an unwillingness to accept change. Whatever it is, project managers need to be equipped to handle any type of situation, including bad behavior from team members. Start with consulting with your human resource department on what employee tools you have available, such as an employee handbook, documentation and even disciplinary action.

Poor project timelines happen when project managers are not realistic about tasks as well as not adding contingency time to projects. Unexpected surprises happen. It’s the project managers job to anticipate this with backup vendors, staffing, equipment, etc.

Ignoring Problems. It’s never the problem that kills a project. It’s how the problem is handled that is the killer. Don’t put issues and red flags off until later. Instead, work through each problem as it arises. This will keep the team moving ahead and keep your project on time. You’re likely to learn valuable insight along the way when addressing problems head on.

Miscommunications – or no communication it doesn’t matter who it’s between: you and your team, or you and your boss. Frequent communication in a variety of forms is critical. With today’s project management software such as Trello, JIRA, etc., there is no reason not to have everyone working on the same page.

Don’t over promise if you can’t deliver. Never promise deliverables without checking with your team. It’s better to turn down a project or delay the start until you have time to gather and review all the facts.

By being able to identify these common project killers, you’ll be able to anticipate issues and avoid potential pitfalls.

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