5 Must-Have IT Skills to Advance Your Career

The technology sector continues to top lists of fasting-growing employment opportunities, with huge increases predicted for computer systems design and software publishers through 2024. What skills will it take to keep pace with the information systems and technology industry? To secure and advance your career into the future, it’s important to focus on growing several crucial skills.


  1. App Design

Mobile applications have become a technological staple – something nearly every modern consumer has experience interacting with. The need for well-designed apps – as well as the demand for experienced developers – continues to grow as businesses work to create more streamlined customer interactions. Skills in coding languages such as Java, HTML5, Objective-C, C++, C#, and Python, as well as UX and UI design experience, will help IT employees stand out.

  1. AR/VR Development

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies continue to evolve and offer businesses new ways of connecting with customers. From providing an immersive entertainment experience to using technology to enhance the consumer research and purchasing experience, AR and VR skills will help IT professionals grow their career potential.

  1. Cybersecurity

2018 was highlighted by security and hacking mishaps, including mistakes made by tech giants Google and Facebook. Having the ability to predict security trends, write security programs, and create contingency plans will greatly enhance your marketability as an IT professional.

  1. AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere – from virtual assistants on our smartphones to the connected home devices and appliances that compromise the ever-growing Internet of Things. As AI continues to add more convenience and value to both consumers and businesses, AI experience will be needed to shape development teams and step into roles like Chief Information Officer.

  1. Soft Skills

As important as continuing education, programming skills, design experience, and certifications are to building your IT career, it’s equally important to grow and maintain what are considered “soft” skills – things like clear communication, adaptability, and collaboration. In addition to the skills needed to build software and maintain systems, employers need to see you’ll work well with others, meet deadlines, and cooperate the grow the business.

Keeping up on the trends – from new business technology to training opportunities – is a key part of growing your IT career. To take the next step in your IT career and match your skills to the right job, contact us today.


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