5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Attracting the right talent is important to building the foundation of your business – retaining it is important to your long-term success. Employee motivation is linked to employee satisfaction, and more satisfied employees stay on longer, reducing your hiring and turnover costs over time. Here are some ideas to help keep your employees engaged.

  1. Give Employees a Voice

An annual review shouldn’t be the only time employees can voice concerns or ask questions. Implementing a system of feedback – whether it’s a semi-regular email survey, an intranet comment portal, or other method – can help employees feel more connected and like their voice matters.

  1. Hire a Good Fit

It can be discouraging to work with a negative personality, a show-off, or a constant complainer. While you want to make sure you’re hiring a diverse team to help complement each other’s strengths, you also want to make sure you’re hiring team members who can get along well with others and not alienate or discourage current hires.

  1. Offer Incentives

While compensation isn’t everything, offering incentives for good performance are a great way to encourage and reward employees. Whether it’s a gift card to your employee of the month, a cruise giveaway to the highest-performing employee, a referral bonus for a good recommendation to HR, or a month of front-row parking, explore different ways to make employees feel valued.

  1. Give Clear Direction and Communication

Employees want to feel connected to the bigger picture, not just be production drones. When kicking off a project or offering feedback, give as much context as to how it fits into the goals of the overall business.

  1. Provide the Right Environment

While you don’t have to offer a fully stocked bar to keep employees engaged, your workspace and associated perks do matter. Consider adding a quiet room for meditation to reduce stress, on-site yoga classes, or standing desks to increase productivity and focus. Find out how your employees like to work, what matters to them, and implement what you can to grow a more positive workplace.

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