5 Must-Have IT Skills to Advance Your Career

The technology sector continues to top lists of fasting-growing employment opportunities, with huge increases predicted for computer systems design and software publishers through 2024. What skills will it take to keep pace with the information systems and technology industry? To secure and advance your career into the future, it’s important to focus on growing several… Read more »

5 Resumes Killers That IT Professionals Should Avoid

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Believe it or not, resumes are still read by real-live humans. Yes, applicant tracker systems and readers are widely used by recruiters and hiring managers. But here at Open Systems, Inc. (OSI), we use a hybrid approach of technology and human review. Luckily that allows us to see some truly interesting resumes, some of which… Read more »

Do IT Certifications Make it Easier To Find Employment?

Are you a recent college grad, trying to find your first information technology job? Or maybe you are a network engineer that is considering your next career move. By achieving the appropriate IT certifications for your career path, you can make it easier to find your next IT job opportunity. Learn what IT certifications are… Read more »

Keys To Improving Your Coding Skills

Great software developers are not just born that way, they continuously work on developing and improving their coding skills. They understand every aspect of software development and project management and are both team players and independent workers. They have honed their skills to write elegant and effectively developed codes that are versatile and expandable. Here… Read more »

Here are the Best Ways to Advance Your IT Career

Successful Information Technology professionals know that career advancement happens because of deliberate and strategic plans, a path often referred to as a career roadmap. The best ways to advance your IT career are to add value, offer solutions, enhance your skills and network. Add Value Your value comes from being a reliable and top contributor.… Read more »

The Importance of Working with a Recruiter in Your IT Job Search

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For IT professionals seeking new positions, a job search is a necessary process. The process itself involves many stressful components that include searching for job openings, preparing for interviews and then finally negotiating a compensation package. One way to reduce the stress and anxiety of a job search is to have an expert in your… Read more »

How Should Candidates Evaluate Prospective Employers?

Traditionally in the interview process, it is the candidate that is carefully evaluated by a prospective employer. However, should a candidate turn the tables? In most cases, a candidate will do very little evaluation on a prospective employer beyond some moderate research to prepare for an interview. However, in limiting their research, a candidate may… Read more »