5 Tips to Stay Healthy at the Office

Your health matters. Better health has been linked to higher productivity and reduced stress, making it easier to not only enjoy your work life but possibly advance your career. Work can require long hours and a lot of time being sedentary at a desk, which can have a negative impact on your health. Here’s how… Read more »

Are You Ready for IoT Implementation?

The Internet of Things is more than just a collection of tech buzzwords – it’s a growing, thriving segment of the tech industry. As IoT products expand, many businesses find they are not completely ready for IoT implementation, as IoT can span many parts of business and is not exclusively owned and operated by IT.… Read more »

A New Year, a New Job?

Is your New Years resolution to get a new job? Here are some ways to jump start your job search.   Dust off your resume Even in the age of LinkedIn, resumes are still your primary tool to communicate skills and experience to potential employers. Make sure your resume is up to date with your… Read more »

5 Hard-to-Spot IT Project Killers

Ideally, we want perfect harmony in our project team members. Just like a well-trained sports team, each member should know their role and work towards one common goal. As a project manager, you need to be able to quickly realize when your team is not in harmony. Here are five hard-to-spot IT project killers. Bad… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Staff for Temp Employees

There are many times in the life of a business where temporary staff need to be introduced into an organization. While the addition of temporary employees can be a business advantage, it can also disrupt the existing work environment for permanent staff. However, with a few preparation strategies in place, you can efficiently add temp employees… Read more »

What Jobs are in High Demand in the Tech Industry?

In 2018, the tech industry is experiencing much growth and many changes. Employment models are transitioning (contract, remote work) and skills sets are evolving. So, how does a tech worker chart their professional course in this constantly changing environment? Know What Jobs Are In-Demand For tech professionals, preparation is critical. Tech workers should be aware… Read more »

Will a Certification Earn You More Money in Your IT Role?

Certifications can be a great way to enhance a candidate’s resume and boost their salary potential. Per a Global Knowledge survey, it was found that 83 percent of IT professionals hold an IT certification. Moreover, they also found the average salary for certified IT professionals in the United States is $8,400 higher than their non-certified… Read more »

How to Advance Your IT Career

Job hopping is on the rise in the tech industry. At the largest tech firms, average tenures range from 1.23 years (Uber) to 2.02 years (Facebook). With this in mind, it’s critical that today’s IT professionals are always thinking about what’s next in their careers. This forward-thinking prevents complacency and stagnant growth. There are many… Read more »

Here Are the Keys to Staying Ahead of Other Candidates

As a new year begins, many workers are beginning to re-examine their career paths. Whether considering a job change, actively seeking other opportunities, or hitting the refresh button on an existing job search now is the right time to formulate a plan for the year ahead. Before starting to circulate the resume and hit the… Read more »