How is AI Changing Business and IT?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), once only discussed in Hollywood movies, is now coming to businesses everywhere. Currently, AI has an impact on both IT and business. As this technology evolves, how will it impact security, efficiency, and growth?

AI for Business Analytics

Data is necessary to develop business strategy. In this pursuit, AI focuses on giving machines access to data and letting them learn for themselves. The Harvard Business Journal shared an example of AI and business analytics by using algorithms and machine learning. Company and customer information was used to select successful sales phrasing. This then allowed for the creation of a new sales strategy.

AI for HR

In 2017, Inc. magazine published an article regarding the ways that AI is changing HR functions. Benefits included reducing human bias and increasing efficiency. AI also allowed for insight in assessments. Finally, AI also improved relationships with employees. Specifically, by utilizing AI in dealing with existing employees through automated email and instant messaging which reduced the workload of stressed HR departments.

AI in IT

Artificial Intelligence is transforming IT operations in many ways. Cybersecurity was one of the first areas to take advantage of developments in AI, using it to develop models to detect abnormal activity and malware. AI is now used to optimize network configurations based on traffic flow patterns. AI can also automatically detect data types based on similar models. As AI becomes more powerful and prevalent, it will be able to drive further improvements in IT, thus reducing spending and improving performance.

Looking Toward the Future

Looking toward the future, heavy hitters like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Facebook are all on board with using AI. These business leaders have even formed a partnership to collaborate on this important issue. Regarding the financial impact, Goldman Sachs expects “AI to create hundreds of billions of dollars in cost savings and new opportunities over the next decade.”

So how does an organization apply AI into their infrastructure? It’s best to consult a solutions provider to assess the areas in your organization that could benefit the most from AI.



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