The Top 5 Holiday Staffing Strategies to Ensure Corporate Productivity

‘Tis the season for merriment and celebration. Yet for many companies and their managers, this time of year can be more humbug than merry and bright. The challenges that can occur with trying to be flexible and provide employees with time for holiday celebrations while still managing to keep businesses up and running can be as scary as the ghosts of holidays past.

It’s All About Planning Ahead

Managers should start the vacation conversation with employee’s months to weeks in advance. Managers should ask employees what, if any, vacation they plan on taking over the holiday season. Once Managers have an idea of the days and duration of employees requested vacation they can start planning a fair leave schedule.

Even with prior planning, there can still be challenges. It’s best to come up with alternative work arrangements or incentives to aid in this stressful time. Work arrangements such as temporary supplemental staffing, telecommuting, and other creative ideas can ensure productivity remains stable through the weeks of festive celebration. Here are the top 5 Holiday Staffing Strategies:

Holiday Staffing Strategy #1: Temporary Supplemental Staffing

Even with the best planning, it can be necessary to add temporary staff to an organization’s roster. Adding temporary staff will allow permanent employees flexibility in the time they can take off. This will also prevent conflicts between employees on the same teams. It’s best to reach out to a professional recruiter well in advance to ensure that your organization can obtain highly qualified candidates.

Holiday Staffing Strategy # 2: Telecommuting

Telecommuting can be an attractive option for both employers and employees. Allowing employees to telework their full work day or even half day can prevent work from going unfinished. Telework also provides employees with much-needed flexibility as they deal with family holiday obligations.

Holiday Staffing Strategy # 3: Changing Work Hours  

Allowing employees to start their workday earlier or work later in the day can make sure productivity stays consistent.

Holiday Staffing Strategy # 4: Offering Holiday Work Incentives

Offering employees added pay or other perks (free lunches or dinners) can keep your staff numbers high even during the busiest times of the season. Gift cards to restaurants, retail establishments (help with holiday gift giving!), and movie theaters are also greatly appreciated by employees.

Holiday Staffing Strategy # 5: Deferring Vacation Till After the Holiday

Provide employees with the option to defer their vacation to another time of year. This strategy is especially appreciated by employees who may value other times of the year to celebrate with family and friends.

Ensuring Happy Holidays for All!

In closing, staffing during the holidays will always be challenging. The key to success during the holiday season is good planning and flexibility which will make the situation easier for everyone. If supplemental staffing is required, it’s best to reach out to a professional recruiter to ensure access to vetted, qualified candidates. Following these strategies will ensure a happy holiday season for all!



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