Do You Know The Highest Paying Jobs in IT Right Now?

Let’s face it, everyone wants to make more money. For IT professionals, salaries can vary greatly. Therefore, it’s critical for job seekers to know what their role’s market value is. With this information in hand, job seekers can better negotiate compensation packages when the time comes.

The Top Jobs

In the current market, tech jobs are hot and in-demand. As a result, In March 2017, Business Insider listed the ten highest paid IT jobs in the market right now. The top ten salaries range from $95,167 to $112,045.

  1. Applications Development Manager: $112,045
  2. Software Engineering Manager: $109,350
  3. Information-technology Architect: $105,303
  4. Software Architect: $104,754
  5. Solutions Architect: $102,678
  6. Data Architect: $102,091
  7. Information-technology (IT) Program Manager: $98,883
  8. User Experience (UX) Manager: $98,353
  9. Systems Architect: $97,873
  10. Scrum Master: $95,167

Location, Location, Location!

In addition, it’s important to remember that these are median averages and as with real estate, compensation is all about location, location, location. New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC all have a very high cost of living, so salaries tend to be higher in these areas to compensate.

Any Room in the Cubicle? Is there a Vacancy?

Finally, among the top jobs, available positions vary greatly. As a rule, vacancy drives demand. Therefore, higher demand typically means higher compensation. Business Insider listed the number of open positions for the top ten tech jobs.

  1. Applications Development Manager: 516
  2. Software Engineering Manager: 1,011
  3. Information-technology Architect: 250
  4. Software Architect: 1,147
  5. Solutions Architect: 4,174
  6. Data Architect: 1,438
  7. Information-technology (IT) Program Manager: 250
  8. User Experience (UX) Manager: 263
  9. Systems Architect: 1,167
  10. Scrum Master: 2,072

Moving Forward – A Plan to Ensure Top Dollar  

Most of all, when looking at the top IT positions, a job seeker must devise a game plan to secure one of these high paying positions successfully. Can a job seeker benefit from adding a certification to their resume? Should a potential candidate re-work their resume to highlight applicable job experience?

A job seeker who finds themselves unsure of the best plan forward should team up with a professional recruiter. A professional recruiter can guide the job seeker in the best direction for their career and make sure that they are set to achieve the highest salary possible.



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