What Jobs are in High Demand in the Tech Industry?

In 2018, the tech industry is experiencing much growth and many changes. Employment models are transitioning (contract, remote work) and skills sets are evolving. So, how does a tech worker chart their professional course in this constantly changing environment?

Know What Jobs Are In-Demand

For tech professionals, preparation is critical. Tech workers should be aware of current market trends such as in-demand jobs and coveted skill sets. Once a tech professional knows where the market is going, they can prepare themselves to meet these future demands and set themselves apart from the competition.

The Top Tech Jobs of 2018

Top Tech Job # 1 – Business Intelligence Analyst

Range from $83,750 to $175,750

Business Intelligence (BI) is on fire. Many companies, across multiple industries, are embracing this crucial business tool. Furthermore, tech professionals who wish to be BI analysts should have knowledge of data models and experience in structured language queries such as SQL.

Top Tech Job # 2 – Data Scientist

Range $100,000 to $168,000

The demand for data scientists is due in large part to the emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. Many AI platforms and tools require an in-depth knowledge of data manipulation and data mining to operate. Tech professionals who would like to pursue data scientist positions should have excellent analytic skills and knowledge in some programming languages. Additionally, graduate-level education is also required.

Top Tech Job # 3 – Database Developer

Range $97, 750 to $175, 750

For database developers, employers are looking for experience with enterprise databases. Thus, hiring managers tend to put weight on certifications such as the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional or the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator.

Top Tech Job # 4 – Help/Support Desk Technician

Range $32,000 to $81,500

Help desk support roles can range from very junior to senior positions. Based on the level of the help desk position, job requirements can vary from customer support to troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Top Tech Job # 5 – Network Administrator

Range $55,000 to $104,750

With such a focus on network design and an understanding of underlying security protocols, network administrators are also on a recruiter’s watch list. For this role, experience with troubleshooting and in-depth knowledge of network configurations is required. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree plus relevant certifications.

Top Tech Job # 6 – Data Security Administrator

Range $100,000 to $168,750

With businesses so influenced by security concerns, many employers and recruiters are actively looking for data security administrators. Hiring managers are looking for data security admins to have both programming and engineering experience. A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science as are security certifications.

Top Tech Job # 7 – System Administrator

Range $64,500 to $102,500

For system admins, experience with both hardware and software is necessary. Also, employers look for system admins who have excellent problems solving skills. Experience in large enterprise environments is a huge plus. Also, system admins who hold certifications are sure to stand out among their peers.

Moving Forward

Currently, the tech industry is experiencing substantial growth. Coupled with new employment models and record levels of employment, it can be a challenge to navigate the job market, especially for tech professionals. Successful tech professionals are aware of market trends and stay on top of in-demand jobs and sought-after skills. When it comes time to evaluate your professional path, its best to consult a recruiter. At Open Systems, we work with tech professionals who are looking to move their careers forward. Let us put our connections, knowledge, and expertise to work for you!



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