Job Search Strategies for Engineers That Get Results!

“You’re hired!” Words that an engineering candidate hopes to hear at the end of their job search. However, a job search is often a long and arduous process, but they can be made easier with a few simple strategies. Approach the job search process the same way you would any engineering project: have strategies in hand before starting, lay the groundwork, and build up!

The Top Job Search Strategies for Engineers 

Use Your Network

When starting your job search, your first step should be reaching out to your network. Contacting members of your professional network is a great way to get referrals and find out about unposted jobs. Using this approach, you already have a “foot in the door” with a prospective employer due to an existing relationship with one of their employees. Many engineering professionals find jobs through their professional and personal connections.

Attend Conferences

For an engineer, conferences can be a great way to gain knowledge and possibly find their next job. By attending conferences, engineers not only meet peers but also prospective employers. Many engineering companies either sponsor or attend industry conferences. Make sure that if you do meet contacts at conferences to always follow-up with them by either email or LinkedIn.

Use Social Media

Today, social media is a driving force in the business world. Many employers and recruiters are present on social media, whether they are sharing company news or posting job openings. Come up with a list of several employers and recruiters that you are aware of and follow them on social media. The moment you see a job posting that interests you, reach out and make contact. When making contact, make sure that you have some posts on your social media account that show your industry knowledge or background.

Join Professional Associations

Within the engineering industry, there are many professional organizations that are very active. They host monthly meetings, hold happy hours, and lectures. Not only do these events provide networking opportunities, but many organizations also provide members with access to a directory of members and supporting businesses. These directories can be a great way to start making contacts to fuel your job search.

Reach Out to a Professional Recruiter

For an engineer, a relationship with a professional recruiter can be a significant advantage in their job search. When looking for a recruiter, make sure that they specialize in engineering roles. By doing this, you are assured to get an expert in your market who has the right connections and knowledge to help you find the perfect job.

Moving Forward

For engineers about to embark on a job search, it’s best to have some simple strategies on hand to help ensure success. Strategies that range from reaching out to your network to attending conferences can aid in your search. For additional help, consult a professional recruiter. At Open Systems, we are experts in the placement of engineering professionals. We have the relationships and market knowledge to help our engineering candidates find success. Contact us today to learn more!


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