When is the Right Time to Make a Career Move?

A career is much like a long road with many curves and the occasional bumps. However, there are times when a professional reaches a fork in the road that requires them to evaluate if they need to make a change in direction. So, what are the signs it may be time for a professional to make a big change?

The Top Signs It’s Time for A Change

 You Have More Bad Days than Good Days

If you’re having more bad days than good days, then it may be time for a change. There are many times when a professional becomes dissatisfied with their position or job responsibilities. When this occurs, most of the time the only resolution is moving on. Before moving on, however, make a list of what really makes you unhappy with your current situation. What would improve your mood and career satisfaction? By performing this intake, you will ensure that your next job will improve your happiness and will not just be a temporary placebo of being ‘something new.’

You Aren’t Being Promoted 

While the sting of being passed over for a promotion hurts, it may be a sign that you need a change. Whether the reason is based on skills or personal relationships, it is best to accept that this situation probably won’t improve and now is the time to find something new. If your skills are at the heart of the issue, participate in some training and possibly earn certifications to get your skills up-to-date. With updated skills in hand, it’s time to get your resume out and start finding a new role where the slate is clean.

A Robot May Soon Be Filling Your Chair

With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), many companies are automating some positions. Roles in cloud and platform technologies are especially vulnerable. For professionals who find themselves competing with AI, it may be time to invest in some new training. It is also best to do a little research and discover new roles that are in-line with your past experience and which have a bright future ahead without too many robots in the competition pool!

Moving Forward

A professional’s career is a long and varied road. At times, there are signs that a big move could increase personal happiness and professional growth. When the times comes to make your next big move, contact the experts at Open Systems. At Open Systems, we place tech professionals in all stages of their careers. Contact us today to learn more!



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