Tips on Hiring the Best Software Architects

In today’s marketplace, it can be very challenging to find and hire tech professionals, especially software architects. In Silicon Valley, for example, software architects are in extremely high demand with many open jobs available. With recruiting and hiring becoming more difficult in the tech industry, how do organizations hire the best software architects?

Ways to Find and Hire the Best Software Architects

Engage Social Media

For companies trying to find software architects, it is a good idea to go where they are: social media. Try connecting with some social media spaces that cater to the software architect community such as StackOverflow. The best social media strategy involves engaging the community long before you need to hire a new software architect. Participating in group discussions and contributing to the community is always preferable to blindly soliciting community members. By gaining name recognition you raise your firm’s profile in the industry as well as with interested software architects.

Contact a Professional Recruiter in the Tech Industry

Professional recruiters are one of the best ways to reach tech talent, especially software architects. Recruiters can also identify talent who are open to new opportunities even if they aren’t actively looking. This expanded talent pool ensures a diverse set of prospective candidates.

Attend Conferences Geared Toward Software Architects

Sending a company representative to an industry conference is a great way to meet some potential candidates. One such conference would be the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference. The O’Reilly conference takes place in New York City in February 2019.

Conferences also allow companies to network with the community which helps to raise their profile for the future candidates.

Set Up a Company Employee Referral Program

Sometimes the best way to hire new employees is through those already within your organization. By establishing an employee referral program, you incentivize your employees to bring their friends and former co-workers into your company. Hiring employees via referral has a high success rate as people like working with people they know. A company can stimulate their referral program by posting current needs (such as Software Architects) with a reminder to employees of the incentives available (a spot bonus, referral fee, extra vacation, etc.) if their friends are selected for an interview or are hired.

Establish Relationships with Universities

Universities turn out graduates every year who hold degrees in computer science who are looking to become software architects. While these new grads may not be seasoned professionals, they do know the latest and greatest in industry technology. This exposure to new tech makes them valuable to any organization. When a company establishes a relationship with a university career office or academic department, they have access to a new crop of grads every year.

Moving Forward

Recruiting and hiring in today’s employment market can be a challenging task. This is especially true for specialized roles such as software architects. When an organization is looking to recruit and hire software architects, there are a few strategies they can utilize to achieve this goal. Activities such as engaging in social media, attending conferences, using an employee referral program, and establishing relationships with universities can be beneficial. However, one of the best strategies for recruiting and hiring software architects is to contact a professional recruiter.  At Open Systems, we have a long track record of recruiting proven tech professionals who deliver results. Contact us today to learn more!


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