Here are the Best Ways to Advance Your IT Career

Successful Information Technology professionals know that career advancement happens because of deliberate and strategic plans, a path often referred to as a career roadmap.

The best ways to advance your IT career are to add value, offer solutions, enhance your skills and network.

Add Value

Your value comes from being a reliable and top contributor. You can increase your value by volunteering for projects that focus on increasing revenue or reduce costs within your organization.

Often IT professionals are the ‘unseen’ hero. Unfortunately, this trait is not rewarded in many corporate cultures. It’s important to be seen and heard by others.

There’s a balancing act of being seen and not being boastful. One option is offering to present a project summary or outcomes assessment to the company or stakeholders on a project you participated in or led.

Focus on Solutions

IT professionals are problem solvers. Pair problems with potential solutions when addressing your team or supervisor.

Avoid being perceived as someone always talking about problems and obstacles. Try focusing on what the desired outcome of the solution is, such as better user experience, faster payment processing or increased sales.

Enhance your Skills

Technical requirements of an IT professional are always evolving. To advance your career, it’s soft skills that will get you promoted into a management role. Communication skills, business acumen, and empathy are the skills that will separate you from artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic replacement.

Enhancing your soft skills is a lifelong pursuit. Practice listening to others and then asking questions to ensure you understand the meaning, intent, and emotion of what is being said. Work to understand your entire business, not just the function of the IT department. And above all else, express empathy. People want to be surrounded by people they like and that understand them.

Networking – Especially When You Have a Job!

Professional recruiters, like Open Systems, see this scenario often. You get the job of your dreams and then you drop off the face of the earth.
Networking with your peers, mentors, and former colleagues is actually easier when you are not looking for a job.

Also, keep your LinkedIn profile updated, continue to reach out to new contacts and connect with Open Systems.

Moving Forward

Often in order to advance your IT career, you need to move onto a new company. This is when the experts at Open Systems can guide you to your next IT role. We have IT job opportunities in a variety of industries and at all career levels. Contact us today to learn more.



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