Why Use a Staffing Agency for Engineering Hires?

Why does using a staffing agency to recruit, screen and select your company’s engineering new hires make financial sense? Engineering recruiting experts, like Open Systems, are continually identifying hard-to-find talent to expedite your hiring process, ensure company culture fit, and improve your efficiency.

Continuous Engineering Recruitment

One of the main differences of using an engineering recruitment agency compared to using your company’s internal human resources or corporate recruiters is professional engineering recruiters like Open Systems are continually identifying and cultivating new engineering career talent.

Our engineer recruiters are an integrated part of professional, industry and trade organizations where we meet talent at all career levels for all types of engineers, such as electrical, applications, software, network, civil and manufacturing.

For internal human resources or corporate recruiters, the recruitment process doesn’t begin until positions and budgets are approved. This is a significant disadvantage because it delays the candidate identification process by several weeks.

Recruiters are Ready When You Are

By already having a qualified and varied applicant database, engineering recruiters can quickly move to the qualifying stage of matching engineer candidates to your company’s specific job description in just a matter of days.

Internal hiring processes typically take two months or longer for high-demand fields like engineering. Often, by the time the interview process is ready to start, the candidates have been placed elsewhere. In a competitive career like engineering, immediacy is critical.

Efficiency in Hiring Engineering Candidate

Professional engineering staffing firms like Open Systems have proven recruitment processes that ensure the most efficient use of your hiring manager’s time. Here’s an example of Open Systems’ recruiting process.

This five-step best practice recruiting process all happens BEFORE each candidate is submitted for requisition:

  • Skill evaluation
  • Reference checks
  • Right to represent from the candidate
  • Negotiate rate
  • Social profile verification

Moving Forward

Recruiting and hiring for technical positions, like engineering, can be a challenging task, especially in today’s competitive job market. One of the best strategies is to align your company with professional recruiters that are an integral part of the engineering profession.

At Open Systems, our senior engineering recruiters are involved participants in the engineering communities. Contact our engineering recruiters today!


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