3 Ways to Alleviate the Stress of Hiring

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring is stressful. They consume time from the human resources department, the hiring manager and anyone else involved in the hiring process.

The fear of making a bad hire keeps most managers up at night. A bad hire is emotionally draining, costly and can affect employee morale. Here are a few ways to alleviate the stress of hiring within your organization.

1. Partner up With a Staffing Agency

We are in one of the tightest job markets of modern times. If your company is seeking IT or engineering candidates, the job market is even more scarce; qualified IT and engineering candidates know this and are vetting their options and comparing their opportunities.

By aligning with a professional recruiter you can expedite your recruiting process. At Open Systems (OSI), our recruiting process assures that you will be interviewing only qualified candidates that meet your salary range and fit into your company culture.

2. Check Them Out

Reference checks are not an outdated process. Upon request OSI check references, along with social media profile verification. This process will help prevent those candidates that stretch the truth from infiltrating your company.

A properly conducted reference check takes experience, it’s a combination of detective work and psychologist. You want more than just verification of dates and job titles, you want to ensure the experience on their resume produced real, actionable results.

3. Skill Evaluation

Technical recruiting is a specialized niche in the staffing industry. When performing a skills assessment for professionals in information technology (IT) or engineering it critical their experience matches your company’s needs.

There are many ways to conduct a skill evaluation, some companies are using online testing, while other companies have the hiring manager design a project/task to complete. Online test taking is not reliable and having your in-house team develop and evaluate a skills test is time-consuming.

There is a better approach, a professional technical recruiter can develop, conduct and assess the skills assessment for you. For example, at OSI, this is part of our 5 Step OSI Recruiting Process.

Stress Free Hiring

By using a proven recruiting process model, you take the stress and guesswork out of the hiring process. This scientific method allows for repeatable results for finding top talent at your company.

Moving Forward

Luckily, you don’t have to invent a recruiting process on your own. OSI has developed a certified process for recruiting engineering, IT and technical candidates that produce top level, qualified candidates.

Learn more about OSI’s  5 Step Recruiting Process and how it can benefit your company.


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