Keys to Leveraging Your LinkedIn Network to find your Next Job

Your LinkedIn network is your key to finding your next job. But the secret is, you need to nurture, build and leverage this network – continually. It’s much easier to reach out to your LinkedIn network for career advice or job search help when they are already engaging with you.

How do you keep your LinkedIn network engaged,  so you can leverage it for your next job opportunity? Let’s look at a few network building activities and how they can be leveraged on LinkedIn.

Set the Settings Right

Before we get started on the tips section, it’s important to make sure your effort gets the results you want. First, go to your Privacy settings and select ‘YES” for ‘Sharing Profile Edits’ and ‘Notifying Connections When You’re in the News.’

Now your network will see your updates, news, and postings.

Profile and Pictures

Next step to managing your LinkedIn network is updating your profile. LinkedIn pictures should be headshot only, directly looking at the camera with a smiling and inviting look.

How current is your profile? Even if you think it’s current, still update it! Additionally, update it monthly. This is easy to do by adding new skills or adding a bullet on a new project you are involved with.

Each time you update your profile, whether it be your photo, adding a skill or changing your summary, your network gets updated (as long as you followed ‘Set the Settings Right’ instructions).

This is your network ‘awareness’ management. You are now staying top of mind in your networks’ news feed.

Advance Search for People

Use the advanced search function to identify companies you would like to work for. LinkedIn will provide you a list of all the people in your network that are associated with that company (past and present). Start connecting with them and be honest about your intention. A simple, quick statement, “I admire your work at XYZ company and would like to connect.” or “We share the same interest of Growing Atlanta’s tech community, let’s connect.”

Additionally, follow the company page and interact with their postings. You can start by liking posts and as you become more familiar with the company’s goals and mission you can begin adding comments so your name becomes familiar to them.


When you identify people at companies’ that are in roles to that could help you get a job, find out what groups they belong to and join those groups. Connected group members can direct message other group members. When you do connect, be genuine and get to know their involvement in the group and the group rules. Often, sales-type messaging is forbidden and you can become banned.

Moving Forward

LinkedIn is a valuable social channel for finding and connecting contacts that can help facilitate your next career move. Equally important is connecting with recruiters that specialize in the technology, IT or engineering job market.

At Open Systems, our technical recruiters can help with your next career move, our nationwide network can connect you with job opportunities that work best for you. Learn more today.


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