How Open Systems Will Help Hire Better Talent Faster

Staffing agencies are not all created equal, each recruiting firm will have a different niche, as far as business scope, recruiting methodology, and process.

At Open Systems (OSI), our company differentiator is our recruiting methodology and efficient process. With over 20 years experience in recruiting, our senior recruiting advisors are integrated members of the industries they place in.

We help our clients get top talent faster through our proven process, here’s why clients and candidates win when partnering with us.

OSI Certified 5-Step Recruitment Process

With OSI as your technical recruiting agency, we have a proven method of finding top talent faster, we will only present to your organization 100 percent vetted candidates.
Our candidate validation includes:

  1. Skill evaluation
  2. Reference checks
  3. Right to represent
  4. Negotiated salary rate
  5. Social profile verification

A Human Approach With a Technical Twist

We continually recruit top talent in the fields of information technology, engineering, and technical/technician. Our electrical, IT and technical recruiters are integrated and involved in these fields and the industries that demand top talent.

OSI also uses multiple solutions based on technology, job boards, and artificial intelligence to reach a wide range of candidates in various career levels and industries. Here are a few of the technologies we employ:

  1. Resume Parsing
  2. Cognitive Computing
  3. Artificial  Intelligence (AI)
  4. Social Recruiting
  5. Handshake (aka Human Intelligence)

Partners for Growth

With OSI as your company’s technical recruiting agency, you will be able to quickly scale your business operations to meet hiring demands, whether it be for staff augmentation, contingent workers or hard to find, permanent placement for top talent.

When OSI manages your recruitment, you can focus on the business needs that help your company grow. We focus on specific areas and industries to ensure each of our clients receives expert advice.

Are you ready to learn how OSI can help your company hire better talent faster? Then reach out to one of our experienced recruiters.


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