Why a Staffing Agency is your Key To Completing Projects On Time

What is your company’s decision-making process when developing a new project scope of work (SOW)? Project leaders and project managers typically evaluate what people and process’ do they need access or availability to, to effectively get the project done, on budget and on time.

On the people side of project management, the assistance of a staffing agency can quickly help you meet project deadlines. Here’s a why a staffing agency will help you complete projects on time.

Quickly Augment your Team

How companies view and utilize a contingent workforce is quickly changing. Temporary workers have always been a contributing factor to many companies’ growth, especially with seasonality spikes or one-off projects. But now, contingent work is a vital component of a company’s’ talent. According to Mercer, 93% of businesses are considering making structural workforce changes within two years.

When considering permanent placement versus short- and long-term contract workers, first review your company’s goals, and think about what work is needed to achieve them. What type of talent — full-time employees, part-time employees, or contingent workers — is best suited for each task?

Recruiting a contingent workforce is a specialized area and is highly advisable to only work with experienced recruiting agencies that specialize in short- or long- term contract work in the technical professions you need. A staffing agency will also have a database of qualified applicants to help your company quickly find the candidates with the skill set your project demands.

A recruiting agency can work with you to create a consistent and compliant contingent workforce process and eliminate employment risks to the organization.

Finding Specialized Skills

Often new business initiatives such as migrating to cloud services, implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system, or setting up new production lines with robotic equipment calls for the role of a specialist.

These specialized engineers and implementation managers are very much like the superhero that flies in to save the day and then flies back out. Their skills are highly specialized and extremely valued – and incredibly difficult to find.

Working with a staffing agency is the only realistic way to quickly find a specialized program manager, especially for project or contract work. A staffing agency is already connected to these professionals and they know the motivators that get them to sign onto projects.

Moving Forward

As your company starts planning for its upcoming projects, reach out to OSI to consult on the best workforce solution for your project. Whether it be permanent, short- or long-term contract work or anything in between, Open Systems will streamline the hiring process, allowing your company to work on its growth. Give us a call today.


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