5 Big Technology Trends for 2019

What are tech experts most excited for in the new year? Here are some of the biggest tech trends to watch for.

  1. Increased application of AR

Augmented reality, or AR, has already had a significant impact on many businesses. From offering internal interactive business training to B2C companies using the technology to develop tech that showcase their products to customers right from their phones, AR has already created new ways of businesses interfacing with internal and external clients. The impact of AR will continue to grow in the new year.

  1. Better data and analytics

Sometimes businesses feel like they’re drowning in data. Our current technology lets most businesses capture data from nearly every customer interaction, including website visits, social media interactions, phone calls, completed transactions, and inquiries. All of this data can help drive better business decisions at every level of business, but it needs to be analyzed and interpreted to be useful to most organizations. As machine learning and processing power grow in 2019, disparate data will be more easily curated and analyzed, meaning that more data will be not only available, but also useful to groups within an organization.

  1. Focus on privacy

Data breaches continue to make headlines, as more businesses find their security has failed and left their business information and customer data vulnerable. Technology teams and businesses in general will likely be adding security specialists to help stay ahead of privacy threats and ensure their data is safeguarded into 2019 and beyond.

Technology and information services have an impact on almost every business and industry. Our firm connects qualified candidates with businesses like yours to help handle tech challenges or elevate your business by staying on the cutting edge of technology trends. Contact us today to find the top tech talent and get ready for a successful 2019.


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