IT Workers: Future Proof Your Career with These 3 Skills

Working in IT requires a tenacity and adaptability that other careers don’t necessarily require. Technology changes quickly, and IT employees must be able to keep up. When it comes to career advancement, being competent isn’t a smart strategy – it’s important to be forward thinking and understand how tech trends could impact businesses. Constantly staying on top of what’s up and coming or cutting edge is an important part of an IT employee’s career strategy. But working in IT is more than just mastering tech trends.

Here are three skills to brush up on for a future in IT work.

  1. Creativity: IT workers might not be seen as creative as graphic designers but being creative is a very important part of working in information technology. Not only does creativity help drive problem solving, it also is the foundation for innovation. Creativity can help you launch the next tech innovation – or help you understand how new technology developed elsewhere can be used to better your company.
  2. Emotional intelligence: Drones may be a very real part of our future, but technology is always meant to serve people and enhance the lives of people living in society. That means designers, developers, programmers, and helpdesk employees always have to have the end user in mind. Empathy and emotional intelligence is an important part of keeping technology usable and relatable.
  3. Flexibility: Because technology is always changing, adaptability is important. Embracing change is how companies remain innovative and competitive. But just as important is the flexibility to let go of ideas or solutions that won’t work. It’s easy to get very excited about a promising new technology only to find out later it’s not the right fit or it’s not as capable of delivering on its promise as you were led to believe. Being flexible means being dedicated to the business mission and not just loyal to a brand or product.

IT careers will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, and remaining relevant in your field will depend on you. If you’re ready to take your skills to a company that will help you realize your potential, contact our team today.


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