The Key to More Clientele: Better Digital Experiences

There are two groups of people that are key to the success of every organization – your customers and your employees. While your employees are the foundation your business is built on, your customers are your lifeblood and, ultimately, the purpose for your organization.

So, how do you better connect with customers? Research shows that customers are looking for better digital experiences from brands. This makes sense, as most customers spend hours every day engaging with digital media. But what does this look like for a business?

  • VR and AR: Brands have begun using virtual reality and augmented reality to help showcase their products or services. Some furniture companies, for instance, use AR to help customers space plan a room by laying images of their products over a room using a customer’s smartphone or tablet. Some clothing companies have begun using this technology to help their customers “virtually” try on products before buying them online.
  • Analytics and personalization: Part of a better digital experience means a more personalized experience. Using data and analytics, companies are able to find out what’s relevant to their audience segments and create content that resonates with them. Digital video campaigns might be the best way to reach certain customers, while email campaigns with clear calls to action might work better for others, but all customers appreciate being presented with the reasons your solution will solve their problem, using their preferred format. Using data is the best way to figure out what your business needs to drive business.
  • Social media: Social media marketing isn’t new, but how some brands choose to use it is innovative. Some companies have begun to experiment with brand awareness through branded Snapchat filters, while others have partnered with Instagram influencers to help share the significance of a product or service to that influencer’s audience. Customers don’t necessarily want to be marketed to, but they do like engaging with and experiencing brand content if it’s on a platform where they are already consuming media.

To truly enhance the digital experience that most customers expect means having a great team of IT professionals and developers on board to help make your digital vision a reality. Get in touch today to let us help you find the digital experience experts you need.


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