Are You Ready for IoT Implementation?

The Internet of Things is more than just a collection of tech buzzwords – it’s a growing, thriving segment of the tech industry. As IoT products expand, many businesses find they are not completely ready for IoT implementation, as IoT can span many parts of business and is not exclusively owned and operated by IT. Creating an IoT implementation strategy can be stressful, so here are some ways to make it simpler and more successful.

  1. Identify goals: First things first – you want to understand and outline the task in front of you. It’s not enough to say your goal is “IoT implementation,” because that’s going to mean something different in every business. The process starts, then, with identifying what a successful implementation will involve. Who needs to be involved? What departments does this affect? What IoT products are being integrated? What is a reasonable timeline? Who will need to be trained on new processes? Asking the right questions can help you understand what needs to be addressed in the process ahead of you.
  2. Identify gaps: Gaps can be anything – hardware, software, manpower, etc. Gaps are the things that are going to stand in the way of making progress. Do you have enough staff to successfully manage implementation? Do you know if your legacy programs will handle data from IoT products? Do you need additional hardware, like data collecting sensors, to bridge the gap between IoT and your programs?
  3. Measure progress and plan for the future: If your team has checked off every implementation to-do, it’s time to review the process and see how it went, so you can prepare for updates in the future. It’s likely you’ll need to integrate additional IoT products onto your platform at some point and assessing how the initial integration went is key to future success.

IoT continues to grow, and it’s important your business can keep up. Do you have the staff it takes to succeed? If you need knowledgeable IT employees to help manage integrations, we can help you find the right talent. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can assist in your IT staffing search.


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