You’re Invested in your Company, are they Invested in you?

You’ve done your homework and made sure that your resume and cover letter were tailored for their organization. You’ve done all your research and can talk intelligently about this company at your first, second, and third interviews. You know exactly how your experience and skills could translate to a new position in a new place. You’ve sent handwritten thank you cards. Clearly, you’re invested in that company and the job you’ve applied for with them.

But are they invested in you? Here are a few ways to tell if companies truly value their employees.

  1. Communication: Life happens, even in the workplace. A few days without a follow-up call or email isn’t an unforgivable transgression that means they don’t value their employees. But if you’ve reached out for updates and haven’t heard back at all, or if weeks go by without a word, that’s probably a sign that’s something is wrong. Whether it’s a lack of process regarding recruitment, or there’s some internal drama or trouble that’s pushing backfilling the position. This might mean that employees and communicating well with existing and potential staff aren’t the highest priorities.
  2. Reviews: What do other people have to say about working there? Whether it’s on Glassdoor or talking to a friend who referred you, current employees are usually able to give the best insight into how employers treat their employees. From what perks and benefits are offered to how promotions are handled to the philosophy around work/life balance, the people who’ve experienced the company first hand are a valuable resource in understanding if a business is invested in their people.
  3. Benefits and salary: This isn’t always the best measure to judge whether or not a business is invested in their people, but it can be a part of it. A nonprofit isn’t going to pay like a Wall Street corporation, but salary and benefits should always be fair and appropriate for the industry and discussed openly. If a company can’t discuss salary after an offer in an open and honest manner, they may not value their employee relationships.

If you’re looking for a place that you want to know will value your time, skills, and experience, get in touch today. Our clients are looking for hardworking & talented people like you to partner with in growing their business.


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