Is that Candidate Overqualified, or Simply Overstating their Qualifications?

Have you ever met a candidate who seemed too good to be true? Someone whose resume was flawless and checked every box you were looking for? In fact, you may have thought this applicant might be overqualified for this position. You wonder if you should even be considering them with all of their credentials. Here are some ways to see if someone is who they say they are.

  1. Ask their motivation: It’s okay to be straight up with an applicant in an interview. Ask them why they want to work for your company or in that position based on their previous experience and credentials. They may be really passionate about your organization or willing to start in a lower ranking position to switch industries.
  2. Check references: Ask your candidates for references and check on them. Call or email past bosses and coworkers to get a better feel for what kind of worker the candidate is and see if their golden resume has glowing reviews from people to go along with it.
  3. Do a background check: Some businesses do this as a routine, and it’s worth considering. A criminal record or past legal or money trouble shouldn’t necessarily automatically disqualify a candidate, but it may be important for consideration. A background check, for instance, might reveal that an employee couldn’t be working where they said they were on their resume because they weren’t in the state at the time.
  4. Hire on a trial basis: If you have a good feeling about someone and want to see if they actually have what it takes, offer them employment on a trial basis. Offer them employment contingent on a performance review after 30 days. Observe your new employee and make sure that they are as good in your office as they are on paper.

Most employees aren’t out to dupe you and an honest conversation can go a long way. Candidates can have a lot of different reasons and motivations for deciding which jobs to apply for, regardless of their past experience. It’s best to assume as little as possible but also be looking out for what’s best for your business.

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