Looking to Jumpstart your Career? Learn Spanish!

If you’re looking to get a leg up on candidate competition, it might benefit you to become bilingual. The world is an increasingly diverse place and many businesses have a global or international presence, meaning that knowing more than one language can be a huge asset in growing your career. If a job search comes down to you and another similarly qualified candidate and you happen to be fluent in another language, a business will be more likely to offer you the job, even if they don’t have an immediate translation need or a position that only a bilingual employee could fill.

If you’re going to take the time and energy to learn a new language to help boost your job prospects, what language should you learn? Most studies will say that Spanish is worth the investment. How can Spanish help you?

  • Spanish is a global language, with speakers in the US, Mexico, South America, and Europe. Spanish is already the most spoken non-English language in America, with over 37 million people in the US speaking Spanish as their first language, and the Hispanic population of the US is estimated to be 30% by 2050.
  • Spanish is easier than some other language. It’s phonetic, with basic grammar that’s relatively straightforward and it has many vocabulary words that are similar to English, making it an easier language to master for native English speakers.
  • Spanish makes it easier to move. Learning Spanish means you’ll be better prepared to interact with customers and communities in certain parts of the US, and also allow you to move through international travel situations easier, which is important for business or personal travel.

Learning Spanish can open many doors for you, personally and professionally. Communication is the key to success in business dealings in any industry and having an additional language to be able to communicate with can help you move up in your career and feel confident in more situations.

Our language is staffing, which means that we’re fluent in finding qualified candidates their next job. If you’re looking to make your next career move, call our team today. Our experts can help you find your next role.


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