Stressed & Pressed, How to Know When your Employee is Reaching Burnout

Stress is a natural reaction in the body, but too much can be unhealthy. When people get overwhelmed, it can trigger an anxiety response, leading to an elevated heart rate, higher blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and other physical symptoms. Sometimes stress can be the motivation to take on a task, but it can also be a hindrance if it becomes chronic. Chronic stress can lead to burnout.

Being mindful of these symptoms and signs can help you better identify, manage, and prevent employee burnout.

So what can burnout look like?

  • Physical illness: If your employees are regularly missing work or calling in sick, they may be experiencing physical side effects of emotional and mental burnout. Their job performance may also be suffering and they may seem willing to engage with coworkers, managers, or their work.
  • Irritability: Irritability is a side effect of burnout also. If your employee seems to be surly and snapping at teammates, it might be because of workplace burnout.
  • Lack of concentration, energy, and productivity: Employees who are unengaged during meetings, turning in shoddy work, making mistakes, and experiencing a significant dip in productivity are typical and noticeable signs of burnout.

Burnout is not only unhealthy for an employee, it can be unhealthy for your business. Burned out employees are more likely to quit and also less productive during their work day. Finding ways to reduce stress and increase employee satisfaction is key to a more successful business. By offering reasonable paid time off benefits, good healthcare options, a fair work-life balance, and even perks like a zen room or on-site yoga classes are ways to help invest in your employees and prevent burnout. Many people can bounce back from burnout after some mental and physical rest, but the longer the effects go on, the more negative the situation can become.

If high stress has caused your staff to shrink or you’re looking for employees to invest in, we can help. Our expertise allows us to find the talent that best aligns with your mission. Call us today.


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