Utilize LinkedIn to Network and Grow your Brand

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for business professionals looking to share industry tips, conference news, product launches, as well as look for new career opportunities. While not every LinkedIn connection means a potential in for a job, LinkedIn is a great tool for growing your personal brand and connecting with people to learn from, share with, or engage with over professional opportunities.

Here are some of the top tips for using LinkedIn to network effectively.

  • Don’t add strangers to boost connection numbers: Many people believe that a high follower or connection count on your LinkedIn profile automatically translates to being a thought leader or industry expert. This can lead to people connecting with a lot of random individuals they don’t know or aren’t even related to your industry or interests in the hope of seeing a boost in recruiter contacts or catching the eye of hiring experts. This tends to backfire as it ends up clogging your LinkedIn feed with irrelevant information and drowning out the things that may be important or helpful.
  • Watch your industry: The best place to start building your network in a genuine and effective way is to follow leaders in your industry who you admire, from CEOs and entrepreneurs to marketing experts and authors. You can also make connections with people who work for brands you love or at companies you hope to one day work at. If you’re actively job hunting, you may want to connect with industry recruiters as well.
  • Don’t forget to follow businesses and brands: Following interesting or relevant brands gives you insight into happenings in your industry and also puts you in touch with job listings, as most businesses will cross-post their job opening on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn continues to help professionals make valuable business connections and nurture their networks. In addition to having insight into professional opportunities, LinkedIn allows recruiters and companies to get better, faster insight into your career interests and accomplishments.

If you’re looking for additional resources and contacts in your job search, get in touch today. We use our expansive network to connect candidates to the best jobs to help grow their careers.


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