The 3 Best IT Podcasts you Should be Listening to

Podcasts have risen in popularity over the last few years and with platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and other services offering access, they’re easier than ever to find and listen to. From entertainment to education, there’s a podcast for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to fill your commute, want to multitask while you’re mowing the lawn, or just need a break from the daily grind, here are some IT podcasts that are as engaging as they are informative.

  1. Exponential View with Azeem Azhar: Interested in the future of tech? Curious about technology trends? Azhar examines applications of the newest technology and how cutting-edge tech can change the world we live in. From cyberspace regulation news to the future energy, you can be sure to learn something new with every episode.
  2. Intel Chip Chat: Intel builds more than hardware – they also put together a smart and engaging podcast. This series features IT experts working at Intel and includes other IT subject matter professionals. They’ll keep any IT specialist engaged with topics from cloud computing to social media to other computing advances.
  3. SearchCIO: Catering specifically to executive teams and C-suite information technology leaders, this podcast delivers information on IT news and trends and offers the latest IT technology management strategies designed for IT executives.

Podcasts are a perfect way to learn something new without having to take a class or commit to a seminar. They offer you free, easy access to thought leaders and tech analysis that can help you professionally or just motivate you personally. In fact, the right podcasts can lead you to a new insight, inspire creativity, or teach you something that can take into work with you.  If you’re curious about what’s new in your field or just want to hear a new take on something you’re interested in, check out some of these popular podcasts and see where your curiosity leads.

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