Recruiting Software Engineers: Most In-Demand Areas Within Software Engineering

Software engineers continue to be an integral part of the employee makeup at most businesses. They’re responsible for everything from data security to website development to data analysis, and most businesses, particularly those in high-growth industries, can struggle to find talent with the qualifications necessary to meet the demand. There are often more jobs than talented people available for some markets.

Some of the positions businesses are currently most eager to fill include:

Full stack engineers

Full stack engineers work with the “full technology stack,” including databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. In regard to website development, they know both front and back end operations and development of a website or app, understanding how they interface with users, as well as knowing coding that stores the data.

Machine learning

With the rising business importance of machine learning, AI, and deep learning, machine learning is becoming a position that’s more in demand. Software engineers write the software that can learn from patterns and run predictive actions to help enhance business learning and perform other automated tasks to help streamline business operations.

Back end engineers

Those who work as back-end engineers help to build the server-side of web applications and create and write the code that helps websites and applications run and operate for users.

Data engineers

These are the experts who work to develop and maintain business databases. They are a key asset to companies that want to use data to drive business results.

Security engineers

Data breaches and privacy concerns are still very much on the minds of both businesses and consumers. To stay ahead of threats and reduce risk, businesses often need to find specialists who have the knowledge and skills to protect data and business assets. The need for security engineers has risen over 100% in the last year.

Our Team Will Help You Find Qualified IT Talent

Finding qualified candidates for these positions can be difficult – because of the need for talent, not only are salaries competitive, there is often a shortage of talented applicants because the openings often outnumber those looking for work in these roles. If you need help filling positions like this at your business or need to find other qualified IT talent, get in touch today. Our expert team can help connect you to the in-demand talent you need now.


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