Recruiting Software Engineers: 6 Key Specialties Within Software Engineering

Recruiting software engineers can be a challenge. One of the best ways to narrow down your search for the most qualified talent is by understanding the specialties that lie within the overall category of “software engineering.” According to career experts at LinkedIn, the specialist breakdown looks like this:

Embedded and Application Engineers

This software engineering subgroup currently makes up one of the smallest, but most experienced, talent pools. Most of those who work as embedded and application engineers have an average of 15 years of job experience.

Front End Engineers

Alternately, the front end engineers make up the biggest talent pool, with more people trained and experienced in front end engineering positions than any other software engineering specialty.

Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

Similar to embedded and application engineers, over half of those who work in infrastructure and cloud computing positions have over ten years of experience.

Machine Learning and Data Science Engineers

With the growing importance of AI, machine learning, and data analysis at organizations, machine learning positions are opening up at more businesses. In fact, they’re the most in-demand software engineering specialty. Based on the fact that machine learning is still a relatively new practice at businesses, the engineer talent pool for this specialty is still fairly small when compared to the others.

Mobile Engineers

Mobile engineers make up the second biggest specialty and are made up of the youngest and least experienced candidates; both facts make sense when you consider the rise of importance of mobile over the last decade.

Test and Quality Assurance Engineers

Testing is an important part of software engineering, and one notable fact about QA software engineers is it is one of the most gender-diverse groups of software engineering professionals.

Software engineering positions continue to be difficult to fill because businesses have more open jobs than there is talent to draw from. Recruitment is competitive, and businesses must not only offer the best compensation and company culture, but also often outsource some of the recruitment functions to make sure they’re connecting with the widest, best talent pool available.

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