Recruiting Software Engineers: Median Salary Ranges for Software Engineers

While salary isn’t the only thing needed to recruit software engineer talent, it does play a part in what you need to bring to the table to secure new hires in an increasingly competitive talent marketplace.  

Median Salary for Software Engineers

According to LinkedIn, “In general, compensation and demand tend to vary together, with the highest-demand markets for engineering talent also being the cities where engineers get paid the most. San Francisco, for example, is the #1 U.S. city both in terms of engineering talent supply and engineering compensation.” If your business is in a city full of other businesses working alongside you to get the best software engineers to work for them, you’ll need to make sure your pay range and benefits are competitive  maybe even aggressive in some cities or for certain industries.  

According to PayScale, the median salary for software engineers across the U.S. is in the neighborhood $85,000 – $112,000 in 2019, with the average low being around $61,000 and the higher end being around $125,000.  

In addition to location, experience level and industry, there is also a correlation between engineering specialty. LinkedIn notes, “Machine learning and data science engineers, who are highly concentrated in San Francisco and Seattle, make the most money on average  with those specializing in embedded & application, infrastructure & cloud and mobile development following close behind.”  

The average software engineer salary by specialty is as follows: 

  • Testing and QA: $103K 
  • Front-end developer: $109k 
  • Mobile developer: $116k 
  • Infrastructure and cloud developer: $116k 
  • Application developer: $118K 
  • Machine learning and data science: $129K 

In addition to offering a vibrant, innovative culture and outlining a clear career path or growth opportunities, offering a fair salary is one of the most important things you can do as a business looking to recruit talent. Staying on top of trends for tech talent can help ensure you’re able to offer the most attractive compensation packages for potential talent.  

Looking to Recruit Software Engineers? 

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