Hot IT Jobs: JavaScript Programming Career Guide

While JavaScript was inspired by the Java programming language, the two have diverged into different paths and businesses usages. In fact, most experts would state these languages have more differences than similarities. Java, for instance, is used to program and build websites, while JavaScript is more of an “add-on” to coding that makes webpages interactive. Other differences include the fact the JavaScript scripting language is contained within a web page and integrates with its existing HTML content and requires less memory, making it useful to execute on web pagesIt’s also a useful quality assurance tool that enables businesses to test thousands of mobile and desktop browsers at once, rather than performing each test individually. 

Can you make a career based on JavaScript knowledge?  

Primary JavaScript Jobs and Position Responsibilities 

JavaScript knowledge is related to several computer engineering careers, including QA engineer, mobile app developer, UX designer, front-end developer or even machine learning engineer.  

JavaScript Education and Training 

In addition to a degree in computer science or a certification in programming, most developers would do well to distinguish themselves with working knowledge and experience in other programming languages, such as Java, HTML, CSS and ruby, python, C#, PHP in order to build fully fledged websites or mobile applications. Finally, an attitude of flexibility, an ability to embrace change and a desire to learn can go a long way in your IT career.  


Because of the number of roles JavaScript experience can be utilized in, Salaries vary, but Indeed notes that the average U.S. salary for JavaScript programmers is around $112k a year. Location, like in all tech jobs, plays a big role in the overall salary businesses are likely to offer 

Looking to Take Your IT Career to the Next Level? 

JavaScript is a very important language skill that can lead to better career opportunities, and most IT experts would agree it’s a good addition to any resume. In fact, one hiring expert states nearly ¼ of all programming jobs require JavaScript proficiency.   

If you want a job where you can put your JavaScript skills to work and grow your career, browse our IT jobs or give us a call today.  



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