Recruiting Software Engineers: Top 10 Cities for Software Engineers

Finding the best talent might depend on where you are. Here’s what to know about the hottest markets for software engineers and why there’s such a need for top talent in these areas. 

  1. Seattle, WA: Seattle boasts a lot of relocator friendly perks, such as a top 10 walkable transit score, company headquarters of Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, and DocuSign, and average salaries for software engineers of nearly $90k according to Glassdoor.  
  2. San Jose, CA: San Jose is an alternative to the more expensive San Fransciso. The average tech salary for software engineers is just over $100k, with industry growth of almost 80% over the past 10 years.  
  3. San Francisco, CA: San Francisco is one of the most expensive hubs of technology, but houses tech giants like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.
  4. Dallas, TX: According to some experts, Dallas is poised to readily compete with San Francisco as a hub of technology, and the current cost of living is only 1% more than the national average.  
  5. Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix pays software engineers well – with an average salary of almost $88k, living costs 2% lower than national averages – and is home to companies like Yelp.  
  6. Denver, CO: Denver offers reasonable pricing on everything from housing to transportation to groceries, and most software engineers make an average of $86k annually.  
  7. Salt Lake City, UT: Salt Lake City isn’t just home to Twitter and WorkDay, it also has experienced almost 40% industry growth over the last 10 years.  
  8. Austin, TX: Austin saw a nearly 74% growth in the tech industry from 2004-2014, making it a strong consideration for those looking to find a new city and a new job.  
  9. Portland, OR: One of the main candidate draws in Portland is a shorter average commute, which means less wear and tear on a vehicle and reduced commuting expenses.  
  10. Boston, MA: Boston has seen increases of STEM jobs and businesses over the last 10 years and ranks highly on the walkable transit score list. The cost of living is higher than some cities, but the average salary is over $90k for software developers.  

If your business is in any of these cities, know you might be competing for talent with many other organizations. The upside is that, because these cities are experiencing more of a tech boom and have created a great demand for jobs, there are more people relocating to these areas. Some places, like Austin, Dallas and Phoenix are growing the presence of eligible software talent by offering reasonable cost of living compareto some tech spaces in Silicon Valley.  

Looking to recruit software engineers?

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