Struggling to Hire Good Developers? Here is What You Might be Doing Wrong

Hiring good developers can be critical to your organization. But many organizations struggle with hiring the right people and wondering what your business might be doing wrong?  

Here’s what to avoid: 

  1. Don’t look at education only: A well-known school or graduate degree doesn’t necessarily tell you if a candidate will be good at a job. Remember that education is only one part of what has shaped a candidate, and a more critical factor might be if they’re agile and smart enough to do the job, which isn’t always apparent by graduation alone.  
  2. Don’t focus on the brand name of past employers: Looking at prior employer experience can be a helpful tool that gives you a foundation of information about your candidate, but getting too hung up on past employers can be a mistake. The resume is a launching point and a good source of initial guidance. The most important thing to do is focus on the candidate and not get hung up on a past employer. Even if that company was successful, you can’t correlate their success with your candidate. 
  3. Don’t hire someone who knows only what you need them to know: Hiring on skills alone can hurt your business. It can end up driving you to focus on the wrong talent, leaving qualified people behind. Relevant experience can be a tremendous asset, but what can be much more important is the desire to learn and the ability to deal well with the need to be constantly improving. If they can talk about complex topics intelligently, they can likely learn the requirements of the job and excel at the role. Ultimately, hiring someone who has a basis of knowledge but is also teachable is good for your business.  

The truth is that hiring – where there is so much qualified talent in the market – can take a long time and be very difficult.  

Our expert team can help.  

With years of IT hiring experience, we keep up with the needs of the industry and can spot great talent easily, helping you find the best fit for your open positions. Get in touch with our team today.  


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One thought on “Struggling to Hire Good Developers? Here is What You Might be Doing Wrong

  1. The proficient employees are the one important parts for a success of the company. The point that education is not the only thing you should look at is really helpful because the working experience is the most essential.

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