Career Spotlight: Renewable Energy Engineer

Renewable energy has been the subject of increased attention and excitement in recent years. More and more focus is being placed on the importance of renewable energy sources for the continued success of cultures and economies worldwide. In addition to being an important social focus, the emphasis on renewable energy has helped to create more job opportunities. Renewable energy engineers are more in demand now than ever before. Here’s what to know about this exciting career path.  


Whether you’re focusing on new ways to extract energy sustainably or working with developing renewable energy systems and equipment, math and science aptitude is a must for this position. Most candidates will have some prior engineering experience in some sectors and will have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or similar track. Most schools don’t yet offer a renewable energy engineering specific degree. Still, many offer a minor or certifications that cover topics like electrical energy conversion, energy economics, and renewable energy policies.  


The average salary for someone working as a renewable energy engineer is about $71,000. This varies, of course, based on several factors, including geographical region and company the position is for. Overall, the job outlook is positive as climate change, and other concerns push the need for renewable energy higher up the priority list of many industries. Some sources predict that renewable energy could make up over 20% of the country’s power by 2030.  


Like all engineers, renewable energy engineers need to be math and science savvy, as well as up for a challenge. The desire to consistently be learning and growing is the key to success in a long-term career as an energy engineer. Communication and presentation skills are also essential skills to cultivate for this career path.  

Those who work in the renewable energy sector have a chance to make a significant difference in the future of energy use. If you’re looking for your next position and want to see if you can apply your skills to this up and coming industry, give our team a call today. We can help you find the right organization to help fuel your career.  


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  1. The renewable energy knowledge has been particularly important in recent years. The relevance of this direction reaches a new level.

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