Get Set Up for Success on Your Second Interview

Congratulations on making it to your second interview! Now that you’ve got one interview behind you, you might be feeling both more confident and more anxious. You’ve already proved yourself in some regard, but now you now that the stakes are even higher.

Here’s what to focus on and plan for to have your most effective, successful interview.  

Have examples of hard and soft skills ready:

As a candidate, you know your skillset, and you know how you’ve showcased those skills in the past. Now is the time to write down those examples and be ready to talk about them. From soft skills like communication or leadership to hard skills like specific programming languages used on the job, be prepared to discuss practical examples.  

Know your worth:

A second interview is often the time that a potential employer will broach the subject of salary. You don’t need to bring it up. Still, you should be ready to talk about your expectations and have the data to support them, from information about your last position to current market data on salaries for similar positions or industries.  

Have essential questions ready:

Companies want to hear you ask questions because it shows that you’re curious and willing to learn, as well as interested in the position enough to want more information about the role. But just asking questions for the sake of asking will do you a disservice – and businesses can usually tell when you’re just playing the part. What do you want to know? What will help you feel more comfortable in taking on the role? What can you learn about your potential employers’ expectations of someone in that role? Think about this before you sit down for your next interview. Decide which questions to focus on, including asking about the company culture or the training process.  

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