Managing Your Remote Programmers, a Manager’s Guide

Remote work has changed the game for most employers. Giving employees more flexible work options and creating an environment that provides employees with more autonomy is one of the best ways to recruit and retain top talent. While technology advancements have made it easier for remote workers to be able to collaborate with their teams, it can still present challenges to managers who have never managed remote workers before.  

What are some of the most common remote work challenges?  

  • Different time zones: When teams are distributed all over the country, sometimes the world, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure that team members are communicating often enough and in-depth enough to work together effectively.  
  • Creating a team culture: It can be hard for distributed employees to feel like they’re part of the “team.” Every team is different in how it should be accomplished, but every team needs some team building structure to reinforce that everyone is on the same page working towards the same goals.  
  • Inconsistent or confusing communication: Even the best remote work tools aren’t the same thing as being in the office with the same group of people week after week. Some people do better communicating via chat and are uncomfortable over video calls; some people only need weekly check-ins to feel connected, while other employees will benefit from shorter daily conversations. Finding out what’s best for your employees is key.  

What are the best ways to overcome remote work issues?  

  • Use the right remote team software: As a manager, you might not have control of the software implementation that your company chooses. But you can be a champion for your remote programming team by learning what the best tools are and making a business case for them. The right tools help you connect consistently via web and video calls, help you track and manage projects, and have robust feedback and collaboration features.  
  • Be clear about expectations: One of the main reasons that consistent and regular communication is so important is because it helps your employees know what to expect. The most productive employees – remote and otherwise – know what they need to focus on to be successful on their projects and know what metrics their managers are looking at to define their success.  

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