Recruiting Tactics to Use in 2020 to Bring in Top Talent

The year 2020 will usher in a new decade and a whole host of possibilities for people and businesses everywhere. What are the new hiring areas to focus on in the new year? What are job seekers searching for in the new decade? What are the emerging 2020 recruiting trends that may help bring in the IT talent you are looking for? Here’s what to know.   

Recruit with candidates in mind

Hiring is about finding the right people who can help your business succeed and understanding what they can bring to the table. It’s also, however, about what you’re about to offer candidates. When you focus on what potential employees want from the companies they work for want out of the organization and from their job, you can attract and retain a higher-quality caliber candidate. That’s why hiring with flexibility in mind can benefit your business. More and more job seekers want to work for a company that offers them the flexibility to work from wherever and have more flexible work hours. This kind of corporate culture perk can lead to better candidates, better retention, and increased productivity.   

Expanding the talent market

Recruiters can’t afford to only look in the traditional places for employees anymore or focus on hiring only those who fit a very rigid set of requirements. What’s becoming more important in hiring is less related job experience, and more the potential employees have to grow and learn. Hiring for skills like dependability, communication, leadership, and flexibility can help you find quality candidates and strengthen your team.

Video recruitment

In 2020, the use of technology by hiring teams will continue to grow. While video recruiting isn’t new, it has grown in use as a valuable tool used by recruiters. It helps connect employers to qualified candidates who aren’t local and enables recording of interviews, which can be shared with other team members who aren’t available for the live interview, but whose input is important.   

Referral recruiting

It’s long been known that candidates personally recommended to a job are more successful employers, and more employers will capitalize on this in the coming year. Many companies have already built an employee referral program that helps to incentivize employee’s recommending members of their network, benefitting both employer and employee.  

Prioritizing diversity

Companies that deliberately seek out diverse candidates with a wide array of backgrounds from education, industry, age bracket, and more perform better than those who don’t actively value diversity hiring.   

Let us streamline the hiring process  

If you’re looking for additional support in your 2020 hiring objectives, give Open Systems a call. Our team can help you screen for top IT and Engineering talent in the new year.   



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