What to Look for on a LinkedIn Profile That You Can’t Find on a Resume

While a resume is still the standard way to be introduced to a candidate and begin to determine a good fit, looking at it alongside a LinkedIn profile can give you more insight into the quality and personality of a candidate. Here are some ways to use LinkedIn in your personnel search.     

  1. Check for discrepancies: Checking a LinkedIn profile ensures as a “double-check” on the accuracy of candidate experience and qualifications because the past job information on a resume and LinkedIn are usually the same. This gives you an excellent opportunity to check for anything that would be a red flag, such as a different job title, company name, and more. You may also find some “positive” discrepancies, such as additional relevant work experience as a freelancer or contractor that the candidate didn’t add to their resume for the sake of brevity.  
  2. See community involvement and engagement: LinkedIn offers access to more than just job history. Profile sections like volunteer experience can showcase a potential employee’s interests and help recruiters better ascertain if candidates are a good fit for the culture and values of your company.
  3. Look for relevant endorsements and connections: Another non-resume benefit of LinkedIn is seeing who your candidate has in their network and if they’ve garnered any endorsements from previous connections. While endorsements aren’t a substitute for background and reference checks, they give you a good sense of what your candidate is capable of and the work relationships they’ve established. If there are shared connections between you and the candidate, it might be worth reaching out to them and seeing if they have any feedback.     

Adding LinkedIn to your candidate search process makes a lot of sense when you’ve received many qualified candidates who you’re interested in or as preparation for an already scheduled interview. Additional candidate insight can help you make better, more informed decisions and see past the education and experience history to better determine a cultural fit.   

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