The Candidate Experience is still Broken, Here’s Why

Are you losing out on top talent because of a subpar recruiting experience? With many companies competing for the same talent pool, companies can’t afford to be lazy when it comes to the hiring process. Investing in the candidate experience is a key way to attract talent and encourage qualified candidates to get excited about working for and with your company.   

What exactly does a “broken” experience look like for job seekers? Here are some top candidate complaints that keep many applicants from moving forward with a job – or even applying to one, to begin with.   

  1. Difficult, time-consuming applications: Candidates don’t want to have to invest an hour of their time to apply for a job. Most candidates think a resume only gets a cursory glance, or never even makes it to a real person because of applicant tracking software. If they have to fill out an extensive application (especially after already uploading their resume), they might quit on the process early on, which means you never get a chance to connect with those talented candidates. Applicants understand that a hiring screening that includes assessments and other tools is necessary for some jobs. Still, most don’t want to invest the time in these steps if they’re not even sure their resume will be considered, so your company might consider restructuring and reordering your process.   
  2. Lack of communication: Hiring managers and HR staff used to be able to tell candidates, “We’ll be in touch,” but that doesn’t work in today’s hiring climate. Candidates want to know what the next steps are and need clarity on when they should expect to hear from someone. Leaving candidates waiting for what’s next can lead them to move on with a different company.   
  3. Long timelines: Companies are losing talent to other organizations because they’re not acting fast enough. Applicants know there are a lot of options available to them, and they don’t want to wait around for a company that seems wishy-washy or disorganized. Make it a priority to create the most efficient hiring process possible.   

The team at Open Systems can help you improve your recruitment experience without sacrificing candidate quality or thorough vetting. Our expertise in your industry and years of experience in recruitment allow us to help give your company an edge when it comes to finding your next hire. Get in touch with our team today.   



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