Tips to Build a Career in Embedded Systems

As technology continues to advance, embedded systems knowledge is becoming increasingly important, and more related job positions are opening that relate to an in-depth understanding of embedded systems processes. Embedded systems positions focus on a combination of hardware and software design, focusing on the tools and technology that controls a device, process, or system. Many embedded systems professionals, for instance, have knowledge of how smartphones, pacemakers, and navigation systems work.  

Knowledge of embedded systems is useful for professionals who want to do work for companies who focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) or are interested in designing systems that can help connect previously analog systems to the cloud. Embedded systems professionals often have job titles like embedded software engineer, system software engineer, and even research and design specialist.   

How can you excel in a career in embedded systems?   

  1. Find a mentor: This might be someone in your office, a past supervisor, or even a professor. Finding someone who can offer feedback and guidance about your career path is a very valuable and effective way to grow your career.   
  2. Invest in education: Working in embedded systems will require a solid knowledge base. For some, this will be a college degree or an advanced degree, while others will invest in certifications and job experience; for most people, real career advancement will be a combination of all of these things. No matter what path you take, it’s essential to continually update and refine your skills to grow in your career.   
  3. Define your goals: Finding the next right step in your career is going to depend on your understanding of what your strengths are and the kind of work you like to do. Understanding these things will help you better shape your goals and give you something to work towards. Do you enjoy project management and delegating tasks? Do you excel at communicating with and organizing teams? If so, management might be a good fit for you and a natural career progression. For some, however, the next career move might be simply finding a company with a better cultural fit working in the same role.   
  4. Work with a recruiter: Growing in your career is a matter of finding the right opportunities and being prepared when you do. A recruiter can help with both. Not only do staffing firms have connections with companies who are actively looking to fill roles, but they also have a deep understanding of what these organizations are looking for to help you prepare.   

Are you looking for a new career in embedded systems?

Our industry knowledge can help you find your next role and get connected with the right company to grow your embedded systems career. Give our recruiting team in Alpharetta, GA, a call today.    


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