Getting Back in The Zone After a Long Break

A work respite can be a necessary – and beneficial – thing. Maybe you took a long vacation, a well-deserved sabbatical, or are returning after maternity or paternity leave – or maybe you’re between contracts or job assignments. If you’re feeling anxious about transitioning back into work or want some ideas for how to hit the ground running once you’re back, start here.  

Start preparing before you leave

If you’re leaving for a set amount of time and will be stepping back into the same role and responsibilities, you can take steps to make it easier to come back before you leave. Making sure you have a backup designated for work that comes in while your away as well as an organized inbox can help reduce stress about coming back to the office and help you more easily dive right back in when you return.  

Start preparing before you get back

Whether you’re coming back from vacation or returning to the workforce after some time away, one way to reduce anxiety is to start a routine before you get back into it. If you know that your day will need to start at 5 am for you to get to the gym, get showered, and get to the office, start working up to that routine before your start back date. Having that routine in place can significantly lower the stress of going into a new job or getting back to it after some time away.  

Give yourself a day

If you’re going on vacation or taking a long break, consider taking a day or two after your return before jumping right back into work. Having a short period of transition time (sometimes even just scheduling your trip to end before a weekend) can help keep you focus better when you return to work.   

Consider part-time

Some new parents often start easing back into work after parental leave by going back in for half days. This is also a smart strategy for anyone coming back from a disability leave or a sabbatical, as it helps to create a smoother transition and gives you time to get your feet under you in a renewed routine.  

Ready to get back to work?

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