How To Skill-Up When You are an Entry Level Programmer

Programming is a smart career move – it’s a steady, solid career path with tons of room to grow and a significant amount of job security, as most companies rely on tech talent to some degree. As an entry-level programmer, however, you might already be wondering what to focus on to improve your career outlook and secure better positions for yourself down the line.   

While you’re learning the ropes at your new job, here’s what else to focus on during the early stages of your career to help position yourself well for future work.   

Upskilling for Entry-Level Programmers  

What do you need besides a solid educational background and some work experience under your belt to help you succeed in your programming career? Focus your efforts here to get ahead:  

  • Grow your network and Linux skills and get certified when possible: As a programmer in the early stages of your career, you don’t need to specialize to be effective and employable. Additional training in areas that you’re not super comfortable in yet can be beneficial in building your confidence to advance your career. Spend some time studying operating systems, networking basics, and keeping up to date with industry trends. You don’t need to become an expert overnight, but remembering to challenge yourself is an important habit to get into early in your career. After some time, your employer may even help you pay for certifications like LPIC- 1, Linux+, RHCSA, and more.   
  • In-person networking: There’s the networking knowledge that’s crucial to technology jobs, and then there’s the ability to network as a professional. People from every industry and job experience level struggle with networking, so making this a priority early in your career can be a huge benefit. Learning how to talk about yourself, your career goals, and articulately answer and ask questions are skills that can significantly increase your ability to get noticed and hired. It’s also advantageous to find your people; developing personal and professional connections with likeminded people with similar goals and interests can help you grow as an individual and an employee. Start by joining online forums and groups for other programming professionals and grow your person to person connection skills over time.   

Are you looking to get your foot in the door with top IT companies? 

From specific technical training to better soft skills, slowing adding new skills and competencies is a sure way to help professionally position you for promotion or advancement. If you’re looking for your next programming role, get in touch with Open Systems Inc, today.   


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