5 Bad Hiring Habits That Will Burn You

Hiring is a time-consuming, often expensive process. It’s essential to not throw away your time or resources on hiring practices that don’t work or, even worse, drive candidates away. Here are the key bad habits to avoid and ensure you can attract and retain the best talent.   

The Top 5 Hiring Habits to Avoid    

  1. Taking too long: You don’t want to rush hiring, but you also don’t want to take too long to bring new team members on board. Many companies have lost excellent candidates due to lengthy gaps in communication. It’s important to connect with your candidates regularly throughout the process to make sure you don’t lose candidates to other companies that are hiring.
  2. Focusing on only one area: You want to ensure that your candidates have the qualifications for the position and what skills are considered essential will vary by the job. But one area mustn’t be considered disproportionately. Even if your candidate is a rockstar in one qualification, make sure you know they have the experience in all the areas that matter. A willingness and desire to learn is important in any candidate, but you don’t want your new employees to struggle or fail during the first months on the job because their skillsets are imbalanced.   
  3. Not hiring for cultural fit: Experience, education, and skills are hugely important, but the most important thing to consider with applicants is if their personality fits your team. Do their values mirror what your company wants to present to the world? Will they get along with your established teams? Don’t forget that criteria when conducting interviews and considering candidates.   
  4. Not personalizing communications: No one wants to receive a form fill template to tell them they’re moving on in an interview or that they’re not longer being considered. You’ll connect with more candidates if hiring managers are able to personalize their communications with applicants before and after interviews.  
  5. Not including a pay range in your job posting: Some companies worry that by including a pay range, they’ll alienate certain candidates and attract those that are underqualified. The truth is that you can end up wasting a lot of valuable time going through applications of people who have a very different acceptable salary in mind. Getting through the interview process with candidates only to find out that they won’t be able to accept an offer due to salary is frustrating. You can save your business, your HR teams, and your candidates a lot of time and effort by listing your salary range with your job listing.  

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