Avoid Career Burnout With a Mid-Career Internship

Some professionals in the second or third decade of their career might look back to their college or post-college internships as the jumping-off point for their career and their way to get their foot in the door with real-world job experience. Those same professionals might reject the idea of entering an internship now, a third or halfway into their active career. It turns out, though, that this is a smart move for seasoned professionals to gain valuable skills.   

The Rise of the “Minternship”    

A “minternship”, or mid-life internship, is exactly what it sounds like – taking on a role in a company or industry that you have an interest in, but little practical or tangible experience. It’s also usually a role that’s temporary and often not considered a full-time employee, so pay and benefits may not don’t apply. In exchange, you can get guidance and mentorship from professionals at a company that you’re interested in working for or an industry that you’re excited about moving into. Like many college-level internships, this can sometimes lead to a job with the company, but sometimes it is just a learning experience to take with you on the way forward.   

Who Takes a Mid-Life Internship?   

“Minternships” are great for people who are feeling stuck in their current role. Whether it’s an inability to move up in the company, a lack of interest in the type of work, or a downturn in the industry, a mid-career internship can help people comfortably pivot and even get excited about work again. It’s also a great step for people mid-career who lost their jobs due to market disruption, company layoff or needed to take a professional break to attend to personal family or health reasons.   

It’s a risk for some people, as losing income or “starting over” can feel disheartening, but more people are choosing this path because they want to find meaningful work at a company they care about and can commit to for the rest of their career. Most companies are choosing to embrace this trend, as it often brings people who are genuinely excited about the work to their door as opposed to people only motivated by a paycheck.   

If you’re fresh out of your “minternship” or racked up new certifications through continued learning, we’re ready to help you find your next role and grow successfully in your new industry. 

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