How Strong is Your Employer Brand?

There’s a lot of talented people coming into the job market – how can you make sure they chose your company when applying? Businesses need the strongest talent to thrive, and recruiting the best applicants is the first step to securing the best hires. But how can you make sure people are drawn to your company and your business openings? More often than not, the employee brand has something to do with it.   

What is an employee brand?  

Employee brand is your reputation in your industry and with your employees. How is your business seen as a place to work? Do people feel inspired, creative, taken care of, appreciated, and challenged? Or do they feel stressed, overwhelmed, confused, disconnected, and frustrated? and inspired and creative environment is going to draw in more candidates and encourage more applicants. A mindful HR team, in collaboration with insightful leadership will help develop the employee brand with several different tools meant to cultivate culture. Everything from your company’s mission and alignment in their business goals to their vision to company communication to benefits and perks all contributes to the employee brand. This is not just important for finding new employees, but also for retaining your existing workforce.   

How do people know what your employee brand is?  

Candidates and job seekers can get familiar with your employee brand in a number of ways. Glassdoor reviews give candidates an honest insight into how people feel working for your organization, so it’s always helpful to keep an eye on that and course correct to improve the employee experience as needed. Another way that applicants will discover your brand is through social media.  More companies are choosing social media platforms to showcase company culture and give a more rounded, sense of the organization.  Finally, good old fashioned word of mouth – employees talking about their company to friends, family, or social media – is another way that employer brand messaging gets spread. This is why you want to pay attention to your employee branding and work to make it as strong and positive as possible.   

A strong employee brand is key to securing top talent, but having a recruiter to actively identify the best candidates for your open roles can help you hire faster.  

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