Do Your Performance Reviews Include This Critical Item?

Performance reviews are a necessity in businesses of any size; without a performance review, businesses have no way to define if they’re succeeding as a company and if their employees are contributing to that success. Without that data, it’s impossible to make effective changes and improvements.    Some companies conduct reviews annually, and others participate in more regular… Read more »

The 3 Best IT Podcasts you Should be Listening to

Podcasts have risen in popularity over the last few years and with platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and other services offering access, they’re easier than ever to find and listen to. From entertainment to education, there’s a podcast for everyone. If you’re looking for a way to fill your commute, want to multitask while you’re mowing… Read more »

Being Honest with Your Boss can Increase your Workplace Happiness

Even the best bosses aren’t mind readers. As scary as being honest with someone who supervises our work can be, communication is important. Plus, honesty doesn’t always equal being dramatic or gossipy; it can just be straightforward information. Here’s why being more honest with your boss can help your workplace happiness. Bosses are busy: We’re… Read more »

The Best Ways to Include Your IT Staff’s Introverts into the Discussion

Every work team is made up of different personalities and the best businesses know how to engage with all of them. Introverts have a number of qualities that attribute to a balanced workplace – they’re often good listeners, thoughtful, independent, and contemplative.  They can be perceived as passive, though, and often don’t engage with coworkers… Read more »

Looking to Kickstart your Health? Get Up and Walk Around at Work.

Being at a desk all day is not conducive to staying active and healthy. Sitting for the whole day is associated with increased risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and high blood pressure. Moving more and sitting less has been linked to more productivity, increased energy, better focus, and higher calorie burn. How can you… Read more »

Utilize LinkedIn to Network and Grow your Brand

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for business professionals looking to share industry tips, conference news, product launches, as well as look for new career opportunities. While not every LinkedIn connection means a potential in for a job, LinkedIn is a great tool for growing your personal brand and connecting with people to… Read more »

Stressed & Pressed, How to Know When your Employee is Reaching Burnout

Stress is a natural reaction in the body, but too much can be unhealthy. When people get overwhelmed, it can trigger an anxiety response, leading to an elevated heart rate, higher blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and other physical symptoms. Sometimes stress can be the motivation to take on a task, but it can also be… Read more »