Success Stories

Here are some specific examples of how Open Systems Inc. has contributed to the success of several different organizations:

Manufacturing Client: Ongoing Technical Advisement

OSI established a dialog with key personnel to quickly comprehend overall business requirements. Their expert programmers were committed to communicating clearly and effectively with everyone involved in the project.

OSI’s team met each milestone and critical deadline with solutions that exceeded their client’s expectations. The presented solutions were strongly aligned to the client’s unique business needs and practices, allowing them to maintain an edge in the market and to look at their business in new ways. As the company’s IT needs evolve, Open Systems Inc. will continue to provide quality resources and software solutions.

Telecommunication Client: Asset Management and Decision Support

OSI designed, developed and implemented a Decision Support System (DSS) for the client, by separating the OLTP and DSS Systems. Database replication was used to synchronize the OLTP server and the DSS server in real time. A replication server was also used to transform and selectively update the DSS databases. With the help of this system, the client could run decision support applications without affecting users of the Asset Management Application.

By using this system, the client could access the most current data in the DSS system, thus giving them the ability to depreciate assets on a timelier basis. It is estimated that the client saved $550,000 by using the OSI solution.

Telecommunication Client: High Availability

Open Systems Inc. set up a disaster recovery system for a client using fail-over and warm standby technologies. With the help of this system, the client could keep its applications and users online during database corruptions or hardware failures. This project was successfully completed.

The bid by OSI was $120,000 lower than the next highest vendor, and the project was completed on time.

Manufacturing Client: QA System

OSI built a software system and process for a client, that measured parameters from manufactured products against preset variances. This system flagged products that were manufactured out of range and thus helped in the production of quality products. The client manufactures over 200 different products, and over 30 parameters were checked for each product that was manufactured.

By using OSI, the client saved approximately $200,000 as the difference in the next highest bidder. This project was completed within budget and on time.

Transportation Client: Intermodal Management

OSI played an integral part in designing and implementing a client’s Strategic Intermodal Management System (SIMS). This distributed database architecture consists of an OLTP database supporting over 500 concurrent users, 70 gigabytes of data, a warm standby database for high availability, two 40+ gigabyte decision support databases and a 75+ gigabyte data warehouse.

Open Systems is currently supporting this fully implemented 24×7 information system by providing system administration and consulting services to maintain a fully operational system and assist in the evolution of SIMS to meet the client’s changing environment.

This solution is used by the client to manage their Intermodal System and is very critical to their smooth operations. On a yearly basis, the client saves approximately $1.2 million by using the OSI solution.

Transportation Client: Systems Management

Management of Unix systems to support a client’s complex production environment with the following software and tools: iplanet Web Server 4.1 with SSL Installation, administration, troubleshooting and configuration of AIX 4.3 to run oracle databases, Solaris 8 administration, veritas 3.1 administration, iplanet web server(4.1), Netscape directory server (LDAP), WebLogic installation and administration, DB2 UDB v 7.1 installation and instance creation on AIX 4.3, Tomcat v 3.3 and apache web server1.3.20 installation and administration.

OSI saves the client approximately $440,000 per year by managing their Infrastructure.

Transportation Client: Car Sales System (CST)

The CST system is used to streamline the client’s existing car sales process workflow. The workflow is administered by equipment planning, equipment management, capital accounting, mechanical, material management, car distribution and utilization, and miscellaneous billing departments. The application is written in Java/J2EE, resides on a WebLogic server, utilizes IBM DB2 UDB and NCR Teradata databases, and is available on the client’s intranet.

OSI was responsible for:

  • Project initiation and scope definition (UML, project initiation document)
  • Requirements definition and analysis (functional requirements document)
  • Project planning (Microsoft project)
  • Resource management
  • System prototype
  • Process diagramming (Visio)
  • Design (technical design document)
  • Development (Java)
  • Status reporting
  • Problem resolution
  • Unit test planning and execution (unit test documentation)
  • System test planning and execution (system test documentation)
  • Implementation planning

By using this system, the client is currently saving their employees over 350 hours/month (or 4,200 hours/year).

Federal Contract: Contingent Workforce Management

OSI provides an AdaptOne web portal for contingent workforce management services to this client.

The OSI web portal provides the following modules:

  • Vendor Registration
  • Job Request
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Selection
  • Timesheet Reporting and Approval
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Vendor Performance Metrics

The web portal improves efficiency and effectiveness in acquiring and managing contingent workers to satisfy the needs of the lab.